Domain and hosting: How to configure it if you have different providers.

How to configure domain and hosting if you have different providers?

This doubt can come to us after finding a big deal in “A” provider and remember that we have our hosting in “B” provider, with an annual contract that ends in some months…

In my opinion it’s a good practice to buy your domain and hosting in different providers. We’ll avoid last hour’s surprises, like that our domain wasn’t ours… or that our hosting provider is not like losing a customer and makes the change so hard, or he finds a contract clause you didn’t read and make you pay a penalty fee that you didn’t expect…

Once we have bought a domain on a provider, is not very usual change it, because the service he gives us has little possibilities of error or bad customer experience.

To buy a domain

I work with, and until now I haven’t got any problem, but to say the truth my experience with them has been limited to register on their website, choose the wanted domain ( in my case), and select the pay method.

Renting a hosting

This is a much more delicate subject, because it depends on the following topics:

  • Available budget
  • Blog’s main target
  • If it’s an online shop
  • If we are going to deal with personal data
  • Expected traffic to the web
  • Available hard disk drive space for our web / blog / online shop
  • If we need a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or not
  • Technical service contact methods
  • Technical service language
  • Control panel (if it’s the almost standar CPanel or not)
  • Control panel language
  • Supported technologies (PHP, MySQL, etc…)
  • And many other factors…

In my case it was critical the unlimited traffic and hard disk drive space for my blog. I can use English to speak with the technical staff. The SEO is not a major need at this moment, and so is the page loading speed. I don’t have a high budget too. A dedicated server is not (at the moment) in my plans.

Wich is the best hosting?

That’s the big question. In my case, after considering the options and above all, asking friends / acquaintances about their experience with hostings, the best option was

We have our domain and hosting… and what’s next?

We must now make them coordinate, so when you put your website adress at your internet browser, your web shows up.

To access a web, Domain Name Servers or DNS are used. When you buy a domain, the provider has a default DNS, as you can see in the following image.

DNS por defecto en
Default DNS at

Our hosting provider must give us their own DNS, as shown in the following image. At, appears at the bottom of our CPanel control panel.

captura DNS facilitadas por
DNS provided by

Now we only have to tell to the domain provider, wich are our hosting provider DNS, checking the right option and filling the boxes with the values. You can see it in the following image.

DNS modificadas hacia
DNS redirecting to

After such change and save it, the traffic would be redirected to our hosting 🙂

You must be aware that it’s not an instant change, and depending on the DNS server propagation, it can be effective after between 24 and 48 hours. Meanwhile, it’s possible that our domain shows a web of our domain provider claiming that the domain is occupied.

Any complaint about my “Engrish”? Some errors in the post? How can I help you?

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